Good Morning

ImageI love coffee. Specifically strong coffee, really strong like espresso with a tiny touch of hot water, not enough to be an Americana  but just enough to stretch out my morning cup to more than just 2 sips. Yum, yum! I thought nothing could be better….till now! I’ve been trying to perfect a coconut milk based frosting with little success, but recently the fruits of my labor have yielded something even more amazing Cream! I put an unshaken can of organic coconut milk in the fridge and after 24 hours I opened it and scooped the thick cream off the top, discarding the watery bit. I started adding organic powdered sugar, I got up to 8 Tablespoons when I came to the realization that this was NEVER going to be frosting, unless I added the whole bag and that would be way too sweet. So I put a lid on the bowl and stowed it till morning. I turned on the espresso machine, and a little light turned on. And not just on the machine. Coconut cream…in my espresso. Now I hate sweet coffee, but the cream was barely sweet….Genius. I’m a coffee black kind of girl but that one spoon of  cream made that morning cup so decadent, I found myself wishing my system could handle the caffeine in two cups, but alas it can not. so till tomorow my brewed friend, ciao bella


Is she pregnant?

That picture above was me, last December, heavy into my pregnancy, singing Handel’s Messiah. I was easily the most recognizable soloist, you know the only pregnant lady. Rehersals were super tough, Timmy had persistent hiccups in the womb, and I can be somewhat rhythym challenged. I had a tiny conductor in my belly at odds with the maestro in front of me. But I hunkered down and made it work. Now I have tis sweet little gremlin boy!