Good Morning

ImageI love coffee. Specifically strong coffee, really strong like espresso with a tiny touch of hot water, not enough to be an Americana  but just enough to stretch out my morning cup to more than just 2 sips. Yum, yum! I thought nothing could be better….till now! I’ve been trying to perfect a coconut milk based frosting with little success, but recently the fruits of my labor have yielded something even more amazing Cream! I put an unshaken can of organic coconut milk in the fridge and after 24 hours I opened it and scooped the thick cream off the top, discarding the watery bit. I started adding organic powdered sugar, I got up to 8 Tablespoons when I came to the realization that this was NEVER going to be frosting, unless I added the whole bag and that would be way too sweet. So I put a lid on the bowl and stowed it till morning. I turned on the espresso machine, and a little light turned on. And not just on the machine. Coconut cream…in my espresso. Now I hate sweet coffee, but the cream was barely sweet….Genius. I’m a coffee black kind of girl but that one spoon of  cream made that morning cup so decadent, I found myself wishing my system could handle the caffeine in two cups, but alas it can not. so till tomorow my brewed friend, ciao bella


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