the side dish


the side dish


BBQ Tofu with a side of cranky

I was quite the busy bee yesterday. The baby had 2 epic naps which enabled me to bake cookies (a modified version of the chocolate chip cookies I make replace the chocolate with candied ginger OMG so yum) Cleaned like a mad woman, and an amazing practice session (very excited for my upcoming auditions) ran with the baby and Scarlett and made with a tiny modification, I baked it for 40 minutes and then broiled it for 10 after I pressed the tofu all day long. And can I say YUM. I made a Shanna’s coleslaw and barbecue tofu sandwich which was amazing. Of course it contained the homemade pickles and Veganaise and Alvarado Bakery bread. I think I’m really into sandwiches because I had it again for breakfast…..with beet chips. These are not crispy beet chips but they are so freakin good you won’t care.

4 beets sliced as thin as you can manage

Tamari soy sauce to marinate

2 Tbsp Olive oil

Marinate the beets in soy sauce for as much time as you can manage. Drain off soy sauce and coat in olive oil. Bake chips at 350 for at least 30 minutes. Oh they are soooooo yummy. I ate them all already.

In other news the baby is scooting all over. He’s like a magician. I look away and he’s across the rug. He’s also going through an ‘I want mommy and only mommy’ stage. We discovered this during the time my hubs was alone with him for 2 hours while I was at yoga, and my phone was on silent. Eek poor hubs. He also screamed in a friends face when she went to cuddle him. He’s normally all about the cuddles, and our friend is lovely, and her little guy is one of my favorite baby’s, so I felt so bad. Hopefully the stage passes quickly. If anyone has advice, I’ll take it happily. Funny enough during this semi difficult period, I mean he’s still one of the happiest easiest babies ever, I feel very strongly like I want many more children. We are still nowhere near making this a reality, not even soon, but I’m looking forward to it. Boy or girl I don’t care, as of now I want 5 more…..we’ll see how long that lasts.

enjoy life

We’ve been semi house bound for the past 2 days and it is boring. But I guess boring beats actual hurricane so I’m thankful for that. I continued my semi insane habit of running in storms yesterday evening but I limited it to sprints in our complex, in the pouring rain, rain from a tropical storm. Kind of funny but aside from getting: a great workout and really wet it was pretty normal. But it reminded me of the time I ran during a tropical storm in NJ, on the boardwalk getting whipped with sand. I was thoroughly exfoliated needless to say. Now that run was dramatic.

The baby is on his first nap of the day and it’s a longer (ish) one leaving me some time to clean up a bit, start a load of diaper laundry, have a cup of youth berry tea (can someone tell me where I can get this cheaper 12$ for 2 oz is ridiculous) and get 30 minutes of immune boosting yoga. I love yoga. Not to sound like a hippie but I prefer to do it in class, I feel like the struggle to remain distraction free in the midst of 15 sweaty fellow yoga lovers absorbing their positive energy is relaxing. Sounds crazy hmmmm. At home I’ll put on some music set an intention and go at it, it’s insanely relaxing and nurturing and much more goal specific today’s was inversions and the booty, the baby stole my bum. I’m down to 107 lbs and have no booty. I miss it so I’m working to get it back.

 If I don’t do yoga in the morning I crash around 3, if I do it I’m ok till bed time. Totally worth the tiny time investment.  My favorite class is always Dagmara’s at Bombay Room. She got me through my pregnancy strong and as relaxed as a pregnant operatic masters student can be. I was in her class the day before I went into labor. From the beginning she would let me know what modifications I needed to keep the baby healthy and did more hip openers than I would have cared to do. But I did have a 3 hour labor start to finish so I won’t complain. Yeah she’s amazing!  I love other teachers as well (what’s up Renee!) but Dagmara’s class kicks my booty and leaves me chill, and blessed out. Yummy Om… I consider myself crazy lucky to have the yoga ladies and other positive females in my life. As the crazy happy guy at Whole Foods reminded me ‘it don’t cost nothing to be nice’ I’ll second that! Savor your life and be grateful.

Healthy Chocolate Chip cookies

Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Everyone has been asking me for this recipe so I’ll oblige and post it. They are crazy easy and nearly fool proof, you can’t over mix because there is no gluten!

1/2 cup organic brown sugar
2 ¼ c  or 280 grams Oat Flour (can purchase or run oats through the food processor super easy just measure after)

½ tsp salt

¾ tsp baking soda

¼ c. coconut oil

¼ c. coconut milk

2 tsp vanilla

Chopped bakers chocolate to taste, I use 4 squares!

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees

Mix oil with sugar and vanilla. Add the remaining ingredients. That’s it, it’s that easy. Spoon onto a parchment paper covered baking sheet by the Tablespoon. Bake for 7 minutes. They may not brown but they’ll be done! Enjoy!

yum yum “tuna” deliciosness


It was unbelievable! I took half a can of chickpeas mashed them with about 3 Tablespoons of Veganaise, ground black pepper, a tiny pinch of salt and some fresh chopped dill. Smooshed it on some Alvarado bakery bread, Organic Girl springmix and mashed avocado and then topped that with homemade refrigerator pickles…… It was awesome. I have high expectations for my future sandwich skills in regards to the baby. I know he’ll be one happy little boy! Granted that’s a lot of veganaise, but come on when you really don’t eat processed food and your either a growing boy or in my case a nursing mama struggling to keep her weight stable a little fat, yummy yummy heart healthy fat too, is a good thing.

 I’m so pleased with my decision to make refrigerator pickles last Saturday, it was a great move. Ironically I made them in an empty Veganaise jar, can you tell I love Veganaise? I used

1/2 of apple vinegar

1.5 medium organic cucumbers

nice pinch of salt, pepper, and a few sprigs of dill.

 I boiled the 1/2 apple cider vinegar with 2 cups of filtered water in the microwave poured it over my sliced cukes and ended up adding a bit my water to cover. They are fantastic. Makes me wish I was still in Jersey with my garden that produced too many cucumbers, I would know what to do with them now. Can’t wait till we are in a house and I can get my gardening on!

In other news the baby has to bottom teeth and is biting ouch!