BBQ Tofu with a side of cranky

I was quite the busy bee yesterday. The baby had 2 epic naps which enabled me to bake cookies (a modified version of the chocolate chip cookies I make replace the chocolate with candied ginger OMG so yum) Cleaned like a mad woman, and an amazing practice session (very excited for my upcoming auditions) ran with the baby and Scarlett and made with a tiny modification, I baked it for 40 minutes and then broiled it for 10 after I pressed the tofu all day long. And can I say YUM. I made a Shanna’s coleslaw and barbecue tofu sandwich which was amazing. Of course it contained the homemade pickles and Veganaise and Alvarado Bakery bread. I think I’m really into sandwiches because I had it again for breakfast…..with beet chips. These are not crispy beet chips but they are so freakin good you won’t care.

4 beets sliced as thin as you can manage

Tamari soy sauce to marinate

2 Tbsp Olive oil

Marinate the beets in soy sauce for as much time as you can manage. Drain off soy sauce and coat in olive oil. Bake chips at 350 for at least 30 minutes. Oh they are soooooo yummy. I ate them all already.

In other news the baby is scooting all over. He’s like a magician. I look away and he’s across the rug. He’s also going through an ‘I want mommy and only mommy’ stage. We discovered this during the time my hubs was alone with him for 2 hours while I was at yoga, and my phone was on silent. Eek poor hubs. He also screamed in a friends face when she went to cuddle him. He’s normally all about the cuddles, and our friend is lovely, and her little guy is one of my favorite baby’s, so I felt so bad. Hopefully the stage passes quickly. If anyone has advice, I’ll take it happily. Funny enough during this semi difficult period, I mean he’s still one of the happiest easiest babies ever, I feel very strongly like I want many more children. We are still nowhere near making this a reality, not even soon, but I’m looking forward to it. Boy or girl I don’t care, as of now I want 5 more…..we’ll see how long that lasts.


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