My Big Win

I emptied out the dishwasher this morning…while the espresso machine heated up, and sliced my gorgeous whole grain dark bread from Al Forno bakery, and who knows, the baby is still sleeping. At this point in time he’s 30 minutes past his usual wake up time. As usual if it isn’t the baby, or the dog, or my husband waking me up against my will, its me. I woke up before everyone. I should have slept in but I didn’t. Add 2 more things to the list: my bread is now toasted and ready for my home ground sun butter (sun flower seed butter) and bumble berry jam, and my espresso has been savored and finished. If it wasn’t so rainy and dreary outside I would call this a red letter day (whatever that is).

                In over news I hate solids. We started them this last weekend . I wasn’t prepared for the predictable outcome: stinky poo. Breast milk poo was every other day, totally liquid, and stinkless. Solids poo is stinky, messy, and semi solid. GROSS! Soooooooooooo gross.  Also bananas, not a hit with the little guy. He liked the white organic sweet potato’s as did I. I actually dislike bananas myself, I overdid them training for my second go around with the NJ marathon 4 years ago, now I hate them. Unless they are in Banana Bread or a smoothie. So back to sweet potato for now, and tomorrow I’ll head over to Marando Farm and get butternut or acorn squash to try next. Marando farm is an amazing little hydroponic farm and organic farmers market in the middle of down town Fort Lauderdale. They also have all kinds of rescued farm animals: pigs, geese, ducks and tons of chickens and roosters. The roosters are gorgeous. I totally want some egg laying birds in my backyard one day. Hubs said no to chickens but yes to Ducks. So now I’m plotting. Don’t ducks fly better than chickens? I figure I’ll just end up with whatever birds need a rescue anyways. It’ll be a win win, birds get saved and my hubs and babe will get fresh organic guaranteed cruelty free eggs. I know I’ll never eat eggs again, Marando gets great local organic eggs from chickens that roam free and I still can’t eat them, which is cool. I would have eaten them but I simply can not. Craig loves the Marando egg’s, he says they are the best eggs he’s ever had. Yep, the baby is still sleeping. Going to eat my toast now, If you’re in the area Marando Farms is fabulous to visit, especially on the weekends, also one of the owners, Chelsea, makes their soap using the glycerin that results from the bio diesel production, and the massive amount of mango’s we get down here. Its lovely, buy it, use it. Peace out 🙂