We do it fresh …


We do it fresh around here. It really doesn’t take much time. I don’t get people who don’t do it. I make dinner and with our dinner I make T’s. Today we are having Gardein cirspy “chicken” things, Peas in earth balance and pureed dumpling squash with miso and olive oil. In order to make this baby friendly all I do is put aside some of the peas after steaming, and the squash after baking till soft, then puree. If you don’t cook dinner then I get it being a pain in the ass. But literaly the squash is the least amount of work in all this, You cut it in half scoop out the seed, put in a baking dish, cut side down, in an inch of water, bake at 400 for 40 minutes. Voila its so soft you just mash with a fork. T loves it! He also loves mashed up avocado, pureed green beans, mashed sweet potato, and baby oatmeal. Hates bananas. Oh well, so do I, unless its in a smoothie.

Sorry it’s been awhile we were vacationing in Philadelphia. I love this city. I always have. I gre up not so far away from it. It has green squares, great food and is the birthplace of our nation. It’s also vegan friendly. Most places will create a veganized dish for you if they don’t already have one. I’m going to give you my top’s list because I ate incredibly well, and became spoiled. I want to get easy delivery vegan yumminess everyday!



We were next door to the terminal making frequent stops to the vegetarian counter top. The Cream of Broccoli soup was my favorite. Also Old City Coffee, um Oh My God. Not particularly more vegan than any other normal coffee place, except it has exceptional coffee. Its dark delicious and made me delirious. I purchased the pumpkin spice in espresso grind for home. We’ve been enjoying the pumpkin spice espresso since we came home, and yeah its amazing, and yeah they do mail order.


Hip city Veg is amazing. Try the cheesesteak first. Vegan or not, it’s unbelievable. Even my staunchly carnivorous husband tried to steal it from me. He’s dead now. Just kidding but it’s really good. So is EVERYTHING else. I am particularly fond of the cookies. not as good as mine, but delicious.


It’s a BYOB and decidedly NOT vegan but they veganized a dish for me, with Tofu, which of course I love. The Salsas were also beyond. There was definately some chipotle smokiness. Oh my so yum.

There are a plethera of vegan Chinese places, can’t go wrong with really any of them especially New Harmony. Yeah totaly amazing.

Alsohttp://www.blackbirdpizzeria.com/ sooooooooo delicious.

Philly is filled with really “cool”  people. They make me laugh. They have a very studied, I swear I didn’t try, look going and they don’t care about anything because caring I guess is not cool. For instance the cashier at black bird pizzeria drolly replied to the enthusiatic man, excited about trying the organic soda “yeah I don’t like it, but whatever”. So funny, lots of really cool people.