I’m back

So, hello again! After an extended hiatus, I’ll be making more of an effort to keep up with my blog. I have been super super busy, learning music, singing said music, going to yoga, going to mommy and me, cooking, trying to clean, and trying to snuggle with my boys as much as possible! Given my busy schedule, it’s no wonder I don’t have time to do this thing! 😉 However also given my time restraints I’ve been creating recipes that are simple fast and healthy. So I need to share!! So I’m going to commit to at least 3 posts a month, maybe more.

Today’s post is soup. It’s fall. Even in South Florida! I will make fall (and for that matter winter) happen, even if it’s only in my Mozart filled mind! My friend Victoria made me an AMAZING butternut squash soup, and I give it to you, with only a little variation. Hers is made with roasted squash and onion, I don’t have the time, and our aircon is still not fixed! So I’m steaming the veg! It’s quicker and doesn’t heat up the whole house, thus allowing my façade of fall to remain intact!


Butternut Soup!


½ Better than Chicken stock cube

4 cups diced Butternut squash

1 onion roughly chopped

½ and apple diced (I left the skin on and made it a fine dice)

1 tsp Caribbean curry spice (given our location in Florida the Badia brand of curry powder is a Caribbean                   blend!)

Salt and pepper to taste

Put all ingredients into a medium pot, on medium heat, cover with filtered water, steam till it falls apart. Blend with an immersion blender, or whatever you have handy, just make sure if it’s going into a standard blending that you crack the top so it doesn’t explode! No one wants to clean up that mess! If it’s too thick add more water.

_you can also blend avocado in for a richer soup

-you can add spinach at the end, just before blending, to include some more greens!

BTW neither of my boys will eat this soup, but they are weird. Its more for me!


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