Balancing my Qi

The mention of acupuncture conjures  a picture: Tiny needles riddling your body, making your resemblance to a cactus quite uncanny. I’ve heard nothing but good things about acupuncture. It helps with a variety of ailments such as: infertility, back pain, smoking, sleep issues, joint pain, acne, nausea, the list is endless. What is it exactly? Well, specifically it is the ancient practice of placing tiny needles superficially in the skin, in order to balance the bodies currents, or Qi (one of my favorite scrabble words too). Despite my hippie status, I’ve never tried it. It one of the few medicinal alternative I haven’t tried. So given the severity of my pregnancy nausea * I’m giving it a go. I can’t do my heated yoga or wake up in the morning without being hit by waves of nausea. I’ve even missed my first rehearsal due to illness. I’ve sang through pneumonia, bronchitis, days after being discharged from the hospital for meningitis, but this “morning sickness” has laid me low enough to not be able to attend rehearsal. That was the last straw. Well that and the complete lack of sympathy I’m receiving from the husband. He remembers my previous pregnancy where my nausea didn’t interfere with my music making. He doesn’t recall that my nausea occurred during the summer during a period where I literally did not HAVE to do anything. I absolutely could have been working on my thesis, but taking a few weeks off, clearly didn’t hurt anything. Anyhow, this weekend I’m attending a community acupuncture session. I’ve found the  private sessions range from 100-200$ which is a little too pricey this time of the year (sorry I didn’t get you a Christmas present I was busy getting little needles stuck in my body, that luxury ain’t cheap Grandma). The community sessions are far less pricey. At Thrive Wellness center its 50$ for the initial session and 40$ thereafter.  I’m excited. Barbara my wonderful midwife, who I adore, said for sure that’ll help. She’s always chocful of natural alternative that work, so I believe it’ll work! I’ll tell you how it works out!

UPDATE: I attended a community acupuncture session. It allowed me to try acupuncture without spending an arm and a leg. Some insurances cover it, but will only reimburse you. But community sessions are much cheaper. So long as the ailment you are treating do not require an overly invasive treatment (ie mostly naked), and your ok laying around in a dim room stuck with needles next to a stranger, the  community session will be fine. First, I had heard that you do NOT feel the needles going in. LIE, I totally could and I’m not squeamish about needles. The sensation quickly passes, but the needle put in my wrist I could feel the whole time.  I just kept my eyes closed and it was over quickly. And I fell asleep. But still, I could feel it. Altogether I was stuck with 2 needles in each foot, 1 in each knee, one in my upper abdomen, and one in each wrist. A porcupine I was not.  Again I fell asleep. Even with a old lady muttering to herself on the other end of the room, I was able to relax.

                Verdict: AMAZING. Now my nausea is not totally eradicated, but I feel 95% better. It’s shocking how much better I feel, even now 4 days later. I can’t eat everything, large amounts of garlic are still a no go. But I’m functioning and getting things done! I’m not going to lie, I was a skeptic. There was no way my morning sickness was going away before week 12 of pregnancy. But here I am feeling amazing! I was told to come back once or twice a week till my symptoms abate naturally. So I’m going back next week. This is a game changer! Maybe a third baby could be in our future……….. lol just kidding…….

*PS I’m pregnant due June 28.


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