Let’s talk about Beets baby

Let’s talk about Beets baby

I love them. Maybe that’s weird. Not going to lie, I didn’t like them for most of my life. In fact when I worked at a juice bar in college, I would make the vilest, most good for you juices, they were for my own tourcher*. I’d throw burdock, kale, spinach, lemon, ginger, cucumber and yes beet. Nothing sweet. And they were not very good tasting. I would chug them fast as I could. It wasn’t till after I had been juicing for years where I’d let myself have a yummy treat in the form of a live lemonade. Apple, Lemon and Ginger, divine, throw some greens in, you don’t even notice. I still don’t like juiced beets though. I do love, love, love love to eat them though. Mostly I prefer them raw, or in beet jerkey form. Yes I said BEET JERKEY. I have flirted with the raw food movement off and on. I can definitively say, while I love certain raw treats, and definitely LOVE raw desserts. I’m super down with cooking food. The beet jerkey recipe you have 2 options! If you have a dehydrator you can dehydrate them for about 24 hours on 170, or you can “dehydrate” in you over at its lowest temp, for hours and hours. Or you can take my favorite option roast them at 400 for 20 minutes . It depends on how thinly you can slice your beets,  they shrivel a little but not be crispy. I don’t even think it merits a real recipe. It’s too simple. You slice your beets super thin, throw the slices into a baking dish, cover with tamari soy sauce and drizzle with olive oil. Then follow the aforementioned cooking and “cooking” directions . They are so so yummy. Or maybe I’m nuts……… no they are really good. Hopefully I’ll get a mandolin one day, that makes this so much easier. But I’m also a Mommy, Opera singer, yoga fanatic with limited time so, I think the dehydrator option and the roasting option are the quickest and easiest.

In other news I’m obsessed with Rehab Addict on DIY. It’s a great show! I love old houses, and grew up in them.  The show got me thinking about our soon to be home, and even though it’ll be temporary I’ll be able to buy some furniture and décor that our current place doesn’t have the room for. Like there will be Window picture frames and a bar somewhere. I’m hoping to find these items salvaged. Rehab Addict got me thinking about where there might be some Home Salvage places in South Florida. I found a great place called Adam and Eve Salvage, in West Palm. I haven’t been to the place yet, but it has a pretty informative website, listing current inventory. I’ll be making a trip when my last opera for the season (Tales of Hoffman)is over, till then I’ll be drooling over my show, and Adam and Eve’s website. www.adamandevesalvage.com

* Is torcher/torture/torcher, misspelled. Apparently spell check and autocorrect on my phone don’t know how to spell it either. I guess I don’t use that word very much. Ok so it’s spelled torture, took me a few days but I just realized it now. I’ll leave it though, because it’s kind of funny that I can’t spell that word.


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