Veggie Monster

broccoliMy kid eats his vegetables. I know, amazing. Maybe it’s a phase. Just kidding.
It’s not. Do you know how I know? Because we eat vegetables…..the adults. They
are in everything, and at every meal. Even smoothies. Even breakfast. (Ok so
That’s a little exaggeration, not always at breakfast, but I make up for it with
snacks) I suppose by this age ( T is two ish) you’ve all realized they copy you.
If you don’t realize it, hello, now you do. I love vegetables! There I said it.
But not in every iteration, so I get it if you think you don’t like them, or you
think you don’t have time. I have two babies, a dog, a part time job, and I
exercise regularly. I understand being short on time, I’m typing this as I eat my lunch, before I practice, on a Wednesday, which is when I do yoga at The Yoga Joint South and the boys will be with a sitter. This is why I can type, because nap time usually involves yoga and practicing at home, during nap time. I also understand being tired; I have an infant, and a toddler who wakes me up regularly. I understand tired (and a coffee addiction). Although I don’t understand girls in their early twenties without children attempting to commiserate my exhaustion with theirs, even if they are a nanny. You have no idea, and you can quit, so shush up.

Any who. Vegetables. My favorite is kale. Don’t boohoo it till you try my favorite recipe. Which is from chocolate covered Katie.
It’s soooo good. Oh god it’s good. I’m going to list some of my strategies here, so you’re welcome.

Strategic move number 1:
Left overs. Make a huge pot of this. It’s warms up easily. Or the roasted root and squash yumminess I’ll post at the end. I rarely have leftovers because I eat it all. I made the roasted yumminess yesterday. I made a lot with the intention of having leftovers. I ate them. I ate them all. Everything except what Timmy ate.
A good tip for everyone with tiny tots that need to eat mush. Make whatever veg you’ll be eating, purée that sh* t up after. If you’re making the kale you can do it still. Butternut purée is a good base for it. Butternut
freezes beautifully. So just do it.

Strategic move number 2:
Purée baby spinach into everything. It doesn’t detract from sweet things at all. I put it in my pancakes. I put it in smoothies. I put it in my chocolate mousse. See recipe. You can put it in spaghetti sauce. Done. Easy. You can purée
butternut squash too, not as easy to add to everything, it has flavor (a yummy one) which is why it’s in my pancakes.
You don’t have to sneak it on little ones, let them watch you. They are learning that vegetables are good for them, and taste good. And that mommy and daddy aren’t sneaky (all the time). It’s just an easy way to eat your vegetables that’s all. Nothing nefarious.

Strategic move number three:
If your child little or older doesn’t like them, that’s ok. You eat it, and Keep trying. First time T tried broccoli, he was not a fan. I was gutted. Broccoli was my favorite growing up, and is still a winner. My mom sautéed it in olive
oil and garlic, pinch of salt. I only ate the tops. And you know what, T does the same thing. I don’t care; I eat his stems, happily. Back to T learning to love it. I made it for him again. He still didn’t like it. Third time I made it
again, he ate the whole thing. I kept trying. It wasn’t hard, because I was eating it myself.

This goes back to modeling behavior. If your kid doesn’t like veg, look at how you treat it. Is it a chore to eat? Change your attitude, try a new recipe, and don’t give up yourself. Why eat something you don’t like? I don’t. I
Like the food I eat. Genuinely. Do I prefer cake? Hell yeah I do. I freakin looooooove cake. But that is a sometime food (thanks Cookie Monster) I love chocolate, cookies, chips, fried yummy things. Ooooo French fries. But those are treats. If you find foods that are healthy, and taste good, you’re modeling better behavior for your kid. They’ll have a better relationship with food. They won’t need to go on a diet. Diets suuuuuuck. They are temporary fixes for a problem that doesn’t go away. Another cool thing about vegetables, aside from being loaded with vitamins, they are loaded with fiber. Which fills you up (making the cake less tempting), and helps you, um, hmmm, cleans you out. This helps your overall health and well being. Kids are little people, this goes for them too. Eating healthily makes you feel sooooo good. Diets make you cranky. Eating good food does not. Eat your vegetables, Peace. Teaser, I’ll be discussing my journey towards loosing the baby weight next time. Teaser two, it’s not magic or easy.

Roasted Yumminess
Butternut Squash
Olive oil
Sea salt
Pinch of rosemary
Directions: Preheat oven to 425, cut vegetables into a medium cube, and toss in olive oil salt and rosemary. Roast till lightly browned (the squash the beets it will be harder to tell) I roasted mine for 45 min.

Healthy Chocolate Mousse
One package mori-nu organic extra firm silken tofu
½ cup semi sweet chocolate chips (I love Ghirardelli)
Teaspoon of vanilla
Handful of baby spinach
Puree tofu and spinach in a blender till smooth.
Melt chocolate chips (I put my bowl of chips over a bowl with hot water) gradually fold in tofu mixture. Till fully incorporated. Chill. Or not, we ate it warm the first night, but it was even better the next day. You can add additional sweetener, I didn’t because I thought it was perfect as is. I think maple syrup or agave would be the best to mix in if you wanted it sweeter.